Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Music to my ears

I recently watched two movies with really great music tracks. Okay, so I admit that both of them happen to be chick flicks - even though I remain unconvinced that this is a prerequisite for heart stirring tunes.

The first was the West End musical phenomenon much later turned into a movie, Phantom of the Opera. The other was the classic Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movie, Sleepless in Seattle. The problem that I now have is that the songs keep playing in my head. It’s a little bit frustrating to say the least … humming “past the point of no return” while driving in Abu Dhabi is a somewhat surreal experience. I shall definitely not be acting on Louis Armstrong’s “a kiss to build a dream on” in public as it could land me in serious hot water. I will be adding a little yin yang balance to my musical repartee and rev up the beat with the fabulous sound track from Good Morning Vietnam. Coincidentally, it features another unforgettable Satchmo classic - the very poignant “what a beautiful world”.

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